She's the special one!

We would usually only write to update you on the children's progress and the Smile Malawi home. However, something unusual has happened that we wanted to share with you. 

Out of the blue, our founder, Elspeth Baecke, heard that she had been nominated for a British Citizen Award. These awards are 'the People's Honours', the citizens' equivalent of the annual Queen's honours, intended to recognise ordinary individuals who achieve extraordinary things. This January, out of thousands of nominations, only 31 were chosen to receive the award - and Elspeth was one of the few recognised for International Achievement.This is a real boost for the charity, but most importantly, well-deserved recognition for all the inspiration, perspiration and dedication that Elspeth has selflessly given to helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi for the past 11 years. We send her our sincere congratulations - and thanks too to Helen Jeffers for nominating her!Any suggestions on how we can use this award to further promote the charity? Do let us know your ideas!